Meet Our Co-Founders


They met on Facebook. They fell in love in India. They moved to Sonoma and hoofed their way into our hearts! And now they've joined SUPER POWERS to ...


Connect their community and all of its parts through multiple modalities
of healing and arts.

Founded by Nick, Indigo and Shannon O'Dalton, heART without Borders operates primarily on profound acts of giftivism, providing various classes and events that help empower the world to heal itself through explorations in the arts, health and wellness, service, and sustainability. We strive to bridge the gaps caused by separation and segregation through development of a space where equality abounds, creativity thrives through shared diversity, collaboration is the method, and love always wins over fear. Everything we create brings us closer to dissolving the self-made boundaries we define ourselves by in order to better allow our souls to dance.

Oh… and may we always find immense joy and laughter in the process.

Meet the O'DALTON Tribe

Nick is a Reiki Master/Singer/Arts and Values Teacher/Peace Activist/Trauma Informed Care Expert/Teddy Bear/Writer/Lover.

Shannon is a Meditation & Yoga Teacher/Dancer/Vedic Master/Performing Arts Teacher/Peace Activist/Smile Queen

Indigo is the heART guru/2 year old HWB inspiration/Nature Lover/Animal Whisperer/Tree Hugger/Puzzle & Smile Master