The Sound of Hope and Gratitude

Today we woke up to the sound of a cooing Indigo and was reminded of Hope. Hope in the¬†fact this moment will change into the next…light comes from darkness. And, it starts with looking at WHAT we are grateful for…and at that, WHO we are grateful.

The ShaNick O’Daltons are grateful for you all. Our insanely diverse community is beautiful and amazing in who they are and what gifts they bring to the world. We are excited to call this community home because it helps us in times of sorrow to remember that by celebrating our lives together we celebrate simply being. We are alive! Let’s do this!

We shall make it through because that’s how we survive. Always forward. One step at a time. We can cry and release the hurt. That is called being healthy. But it also helps to do it through smiles, dancing, and in song.


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