"Yogasthah Kuru Karmani."
"Established in Being, perform action."

– Bhagavad Gita

Intro to Meditation Course

Friday, October 4th @ 6pm

Saturday, October 5th @ 11am

Sunday, October 6th @ 11am

Monday, October 7th @ 6pm


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Meditation is one of the most powerful foundational cornerstones at heART without borders. We at HWB are here to help you find a daily practice that works best for you and your brain/body type.


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We have many meditation offerings monthly and would love to help you decide which one is the most appropriate for you. From heARTizen Meditation (a simple, effortless 20-minute twice daily practice) to Japa Meditation (a mantra based meditation practice traditionally using a mala) to simple mindfulness and breath based practices, we have found that all meditative practices bring great benefit if proper instruction is received and a commitment is made to practicing them daily for an extended period of time. We also know that there is no "one-size-fits-all" model in the beginning stages, so let's work together to find that technique that is most comfortable for you and helps you to make the initial commitment necessary to be able to enjoy all of those yummy benefits we all hear about.

Meditation allows us to establish ourselves in our least excited, most grounded, and rested state of Being where we are provided with the energy and adaptability to launch into the relative world with more creativity, a greater sense of awareness, and clarity. By meditating daily we begin to remove all of the accumulated stress in our nervous system that has been weighing us down allowing us to begin to take on all of life's demands without breaking a sweat.

We recommend joining us for our next Intro to Meditation Immersion Course to get your feet wet and learn an effortless practice called heARTizen Meditation (or Nishkam Karma Yoga). In this course, we focus primarily on heARTizen Meditation, but we give you many other tools for your tool belt and can assess together after a period of daily practice if this is the practice that resonates the best with you. After taking one of our courses, you are paid in full for a lifetime of follow-up and Group Meditations.

How much does the course cost?

Like everything we do at heART without borders, meditation instruction is offered on a donation basis as has been the tradition for centuries. During Day 1 of the course, your instructor will share the rich history of meditation instruction and the practice of payment through donation.

Your donation is meant to signify your commitment to the practice. It is important that you are surrendering something that holds great value to you as this will help you in staying committed long-term. What you are receiving in return, the tool of meditation, is priceless as it promises to up level your life in every way.