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Our History

Our History

Our amazing team of artists, healers, community organizers, game changers, peacemakers, earth preservers and wanderlusters are deeply committed to serving the need of the time in our community and our world at large. We take our convictions and turn them into action. 

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Our History

Our History

Our History

Unofficially,  the seeds of HWB were planted while working in India with multiple communities using Arts/Values/Healing based programming. 

While helping consult on the opening of an Arts School at the National Gandhi Ashram, co-founders Shannon and Nick Dalton began to notice the profound level of healing and learning that takes place when education begins by setting the cultural ego aside and allowing for true reciprocity to take place. We all have so many gifts to offer and so much to learn from one another regardless of age, race, gender, sexual preference, preferred belief system, etc. 

Heart Without Borders has always been driven by one goal and one goal only... 

World Peace/Perfect Unity. 


Our Mission

Our History

Our Mission

Raising the collective consciousness in the world by way of arts and healing programming. We believe that everyone is hear to serve a very specific purpose and that role they are meant to play helps best serve the need of the time. 

We are on a mission to help support everyone from every walk of life around the globe in discovering what their unique gifts are and how they can use their super powers to support positive progressive social change. 

Oh, and we hope to do all of this with jazz hands and a smile. 

In short, our mission is:


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